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What to Wear for A Boudoir Session in 2023

If you've decided to do a boudoir session in 2023, you might have some anxiety about what to wear. In the media, there are thousands of images of beautiful women with perfect bodies in very sexy lingerie that can make you feel overwhelmed, insufficient, or just uncomfortable. But your boudoir photo session is about you and it should inspire confidence!

You should wear whatever makes you feel sexy.

Some women feel great in small pieces of lace fabric, but even then the options are seemingly endless.  Others feel best in their significant others' favorite player's jersey or work shirt.  If lingerie just isn't for you, you have options. If you love it, but have concerns about your body, you can find something to compliment your shape and make you feel beautiful. To that end, we've compiled a list of ideas so that any woman who wants to have a boudoir session can feel as sexy and confident as they deserve to.

woman on the bed wearing a nude colored bra and leopard print sweater on What to Wear for A Boudoir Session

For Women Who Are Unsure of How to Choose Lingerie for Their Skin or Body Type:

  • First and foremost, accentuate what you LOVE about your body. On one hand, if you love your cleavage wear something low cut. On the other hand, if you love your butt, wear revealing panties. If you love your long legs, go with something very short and high heels. If you love your entire body wear something skin tight. This is about you, and if you feel good about any of yourself, it should be on display.
  • If you have any insecurities about your body, a corset can give you an amazing silhouette while also providing an illicit image. If you have an hourglass shape, this will compliment it.  Additionally, if you have an apple, pear shape, rectangle shape, a corset will give you more of an hourglass.
  • Baby doll shaped lingerie is another great way to camouflage parts of your body you may be insecure about. This is a great option for apple and pear-shaped women.
  • Lacy bodysuits are a great way to be seductive without showing too much skin. If you're fairly confident about your body, go with something tight and contoured to your hips, but if you can also find body suits that are slimming if you feel you need it.
  • If you're going with a bra and panties, try on a bra with cups are a size down from your normal fit. You might find you décolletage stands out a bit more.

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  • A satin robe over anything you choose can give you variety. Taking some photos with the robe on and tied, on and open, and completely off gives you great coverage options so you can decide what you're most comfortable with.
  • Keep in mind that if you feel sexy it will come through in the photos and if you don't it probably won't, so when deciding what to use focus on how you feel as much as how you look.
  • White is a great choice for wedding boudoir lingerie, but if you have a paler skin tone you might choose a cream or off white to keep from looking washed out.
  • White isn't the only choice though! The classics like black and red are very suggestive, and you might try a nice blue or violet if you have a lighter, cooler skin tone or an orange or yellow if you have a darker, warmer skin tone. Don't feel like you have to go with tradition. With your session, it's your choice!

For Women Who Are Uncomfortable With Lingerie or Are Just Looking to be More Unique:

  • Try your significant others' favorite jersey for a sexy nod to their interests.
  • A man's collared shirt will give you a sexy post night together vibe without being too revealing.
  • Go completely nude and use the bedding itself to cover anything explicit.
  • Try getting completely dressed and put together and seeing how you look in various stages of undress.
  • A short black dress and heels is a great way to be suggestive while staying in clothing.
  • Adding a pair of fishnet stockings can add a provocative vibe to anything you choose without showing more skin than you're comfortable with.
back shot of woman wearing her partner's jersey shirt
woman poses wearing a white long sleeve shirt and black thongs

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