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10 Ideas for Your Boudoir Photography Props [2023]

Once you've made the commitment to your date and time you can start in on the fun part of planning your boudoir session: what to bring with you!

Here are some of the best boudoir photography props to spark your creative side, but feel free to expand on this list and bring anything that makes you feel sexy, flirty, beautiful and confident.


woman wearing stockings as one of the boudoir photography props ideas

Choose whatever you know your significant other likes best, or whatever makes you feel the most shockingly sexy. Maybe fishnets or thigh-high silks? Perhaps something you'd never have a chance to wear in real life.

A Mirror

A small hand-held mirror or a large full-sized one are both great props to add a little dimension to your photographs. A demure smile in the reflection of a mirror as you are carefully applying your lipstick can ooze sex appeal.

woman facing the mirror as one of the boudoir photography props


Bring with you a variety of your favorite styles of lingerie. Maybe you want to try on some leather or lace for your photographs. Go ahead and embrace whatever style strikes your fancy.


The perfect pair of heels in black or red never go out of style.

boudoir photo of a bride before her wedding

Something Silly or Scandalous

Go ahead, bring the apron and the feather duster. Bring that boudoir props you know will make your spouse or significant other smile. Maybe you want to bring a leather jacket and lace scarves. Something more risqué like leather masks or a whip. It is fun to bring items that make you blush a little.


If your photo shoot location has a bathtub go ahead and bring the bubble bath. There are endless opportunities for gorgeous poses with mountains of bubbles a la Pretty Woman. Or, maybe champagne bubbles are more your style. Not only does a pretty glass of champagne or wine photograph well, but it also can help take the edge off your nerves.



Bring all kinds of jewelry from dangling earrings to strings of pearls, a little bling is a necessity for your boudoir photo session.


A Robe

A robe will keep you warm in-between outfit changes but also can look tantalizing just starting to drop off of a bare shoulder. Bring it for its practicality and its sex appeal.

His Shirt

Or his tie, or his jacket, or a favorite t-shirt you wear to bed.


Consider all the things your significant other is passionate about or items that have a special meaning to them. A favorite sports jersey or game ball can take on a whole new look when it's being worn or held by a beautiful woman.

Find More Prop Ideas to Perfect Your Boudoir Session

By bringing a bunch of your best props for boudoir photography with you to your photo shoot, you'll be prepared for anything that comes your way, and you'll be allowing for your full creative side to come out!

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