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Get Ready to Shine in 2023! A Guide to Preparing for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Would you like to do a boudoir photoshoot? It can be a memorable experience and make you look and FEEL your absolute sexiest. Whether you are planning to give the photos as a gift or keep them for yourself, preparing for a boudoir photo shoot is an invaluable step.

Here is an overview of preparing for a Beauty/Boudoir session and ensuring you have the most amazing time possible.

woman in yellow lingerie laying in bed with crossed legs and poses for the camera

Decide What Kind of Look You Want To Aim For

When planning a boudoir session, your overall look and feel should be at the forefront. From the sexy to the glamorous, playful to themed, you have many options! To get ideas and build on them, consider browsing through magazines or online photos depicting the look you're aiming for. At La Reine Beauty & Boudoir, we always suggest that our clients shoot a combination of Boudoir and Beauty. This is easily accomplished by bringing lingerie, your favorite jeans, robes and some of your sexiest dresses.

Pinterest boards can also provide great opportunities to mix and match pieces together as well as inform your color choices. In other words, take a little extra time to think about what type of statement you'd like to make. This will help you to ensure that your photo set reflects you perfectly.

woman in red velvet dress takes a pose in front of a huge wooden gate
woman in pink lacy lingerie taking a boudoir pose

Choose the Right Lingerie in Preparing for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Picking the most suitable lingerie for a boudoir session can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Instead of stressing out about choosing the 'perfect' look, take some time to find lingerie pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable. 

When you wear items that flatter your figure and enhance your features, they will show up in your pictures! Plus, feeling comfortable in your clothes will help boost your mood and confidence - so wear what makes you feel fantastic! Also important is making sure that the color of your outfits works well with the location you are being photographed in. This is an important part of the pre-shoot consult that we cover to make sure our clients are set up for success!

Get Your Hair and Makeup Done Professionally

Having your hair and makeup professionally done enhances your look, so don’t be afraid to splurge here. Your goal is to appear naturally beautiful in photos without hiding your true self behind much makeup. La Reine Boudoir's Collections all include hair and makeup on location to further enhance your Experience and take the stress out of having to go elsewhere before your session.

A wise approach is to experiment with different looks leading up to the shoot so that on the day of, everything runs smoothly. And don't forget about taking care of yourself leading up – get plenty of rest before the shoot and drink lots of water throughout the day!

Pick Out the Perfect Outfit to Compliment Your Look

When picking out your outfit, consider pieces that accentuate your most attractive features and make you feel confident. Don’t be afraid to mix it with different textures and colors that fit your personality and style. 

If lingerie isn’t your thing, consider outfits such as your partner's shirt/work outfits, jeans & a bra, yoga pants/workout attire or a dress that makes you feel beautiful! Whichever route you choose, pick something that makes the real you come through in the photos!

Find the Right Photographer You Feel Comfortable With

Finding the right photographer for a boudoir shoot isn’t something to take lightly. It’s helpful to look through a photographer’s portfolio and read reviews to get an idea of their style and customer service. Once you decide on the person you like, have a conversation with them. This way, you can ensure that you cover all topics related to the vision they have for your session. 

These include their experience level working with boudoir photography and how comfortable they can make you feel during the boudoir shoot. That way, you can ensure you're working with someone whose style suits your needs. This person won't leave any room for uncertainty or doubt during such a special moment.

Practice Your Boudoir Pose

Before the big day, practice some poses in front of the mirror to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. You can also look up some beginner boudoir poses to get an idea of what will work best for your shoot. This can help build your confidence on the day off so that everything runs smoothly without a hitch when it comes time for shooting!

Choosing your location is another crucial step in planning a boudoir photoshoot because this will help set the mood for your photos. You will discuss with your photographer the location of your boudoir shoot, depending on what type of vibe you're hoping for. Also, try searching online for ideas or looking through magazines – there's no shortage of inspiration out there!

Wear Something Meaningful to You or Your Partner

There's something special about incorporating meaningful items into a boudoir shoot. It gives it a personal touch that can add so much to the final look. What you choose to include is your decision. It could be anything from those vintage charm bracelets you've had for years, lingerie bought on a special date or anniversary, or something fun you saw while traveling. You just had to have it! No matter what it is, the choice will add that extra sentimentality your photos need.

woman is holding a hairpin engraved with the words Mrs. while preparing for a boudoir photo shoot

Hydrate and Get Enough Sleep

Follow a few simple preparation steps to ensure you look your most attractive for the shoot. Spend some extra time in the morning pampering yourself; bathe, shave and moisturize to feel your most confident. 

Make sure to double-check everything before jumping into the car. Make sure you've removed all tags from clothing and that everything is ready and packed for the shoot - don't leave those pretty heels at home! Also, be sure to wear loose fitting clothes so you won't have lines in your skin from tight jeans/bras etc.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the location in case there are any traffic delays - but also plan to enjoy a quiet evening at home followed by a good night's sleep. Eight to nine hours is recommended – so that you'll be recharged and ready for your close-up.

woman covers herself with a white towel while preparing for a boudoir photo shoot

Final Words

Overall, preparing for a boudoir shoot can be an exciting experience. Just remember - have fun with it! After all, this shoot is about expressing yourself. So get ready to shine, knowing that this will create lasting memories. Cheers!

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