La Reine Beauty & Boudoir

Beauty / Glamour

Beauty/Glamour shares many of the characteristics of Boudoir photography. While all boudoir is a form of Beauty/Glamour, all Beauty/Glamour isn’t boudoir. This means you can shoot Beauty/Glamour without using a lingerie wardrobe. Beauty/Glamour clothing covers the gamut from clothed to lingerie and can also take place outside of a bedroom.

The emphasis here is in somewhat “making over” a woman into the most beautiful and glamorous version of herself with professional hair and makeup, along with a professional photographer to capture it all.

The photo shoot can be done in a private or public location but the intent is for private use only. In other words, the final images are to be enjoyed and treasured by the woman herself or as a gift to someone close to her.

A significant other or even other family members are usually the recipient of these Beauty/Glamour type images. It’s almost like having a day at the spa but instead, it’s a day with a photographer.

For some women, the Beauty/Glamour shoot is a way for them to experience what it’s like to be a real model for a day. It can also serve as a stepping stone for those who would like a boudoir shoot, but have not booked one yet.


To me, boudoir is similar to glamour but is often about showcasing fantasy that is often steeped very much in reality, as these images are very often gifts for significant others. For a brief moment in time, a boudoir client is a glamour model, in front of the camera, creating fantasy.
Boudoir also celebrates beauty, but in a more obvious sensual way. Boudoir photography subjects are often wearing lingerie. And, as the name suggests, it takes place in a bedroom or other private location. So, along with boudoir being about a woman getting sexy and alluring photos taken of herself, the other important aspect of that is it’s also a way for a woman to celebrate, acknowledge, and express her sexuality and her body. It’s a very personal and private thing.

Bridal Boudoir

Many brides-to-be are in the best shape of their lives just before their wedding day, so doing a bridal boudoir shoot is the best way to document just how great they look. Your boudoir photo shoot is your chance to feel sexy in a private, intimate setting that is just as much an exciting experience for yourself as it is for the recipient!


Nature provides a sense of serenity and relaxation that often helps women feel more at ease during the shoot. It also creates a wonderful opportunity to immerse oneself into it, re-connect with oneself and bring out that genuine glow and sparkle of seduction.

Outdoor settings are also invaluable when it comes to natural light. Aside from the camera, the natural light is my very basic tool that I work with during sessions. It accentuates certain features, makes them more exposed while overshadowing things we want to hide. Sun rays provide a very unique, almost angelic ambiance that is very difficult to recreate in a home. The summer breeze is another wonderful element that helps create a more dynamic outcome of the images.

Lakes, beaches, riverbanks and meadows- the list of possible scenery is endless when it comes to outdoor boudoir. They all create a very romantic, rustic-like ambiance that is easily reflected in the pictures and perfectly supplement your innate beauty.

Philadelphia and vicinity offers an abundance of picturesque locations that we can transform into your intimate scenery for boudoir. I invite you to take full advantage of the gorgeous summer days and reward yourself with a romantic photo session in a natural setting.

Maternity Boudoir

Women are incredible, gorgeous beings whose bodies do miraculous things. The most miraculous and gorgeously stunning of those is during your pregnancy. Being pregnant is a unique time of your life — every pregnancy is different and worth documenting. You will never be in that body again, for better or worse.

Why maternity boudoir?

The reason is two-fold: I have been finding that while many pregnant mamas do think that it's important for them to capture this special time in their lives, as their body is changing and growing and shifting while helping mold their tiny new baby into being -- BUT -- many also don't feel picture worthy in this time, and certainly not sexy in their new bodies.

Intent and passionate about changing their perspective towards a more fulfilling and empowered one, I wanted these reluctant mamas to see and believe what I (and many others) see and believe: that as their body changes, grows, curves, glows, it’s absolutely stunning. A maternity boudoir session will not only have these mamas thinking in a more positive way about themselves in this body, but also remember their maternity overall in a much more positive way.

And it turns out to be true…there is no better way to become confident and feel incredibly sexy in their pregnant body than by taking maternity boudoir photos!

The other important thing to remember about your pregnancy is that there are no do overs. You can't recreate those photos. So, I urge you mammas....TAKE THE PHOTOS. Hire a photographer you love and document the crap out of your growing bump. Whether it be maternity boudoir, a beauty session or a family portrait session.

Maternity shoots are best done between 28 and 33 weeks so plan ahead and contact me to set yours up!