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Recapture Your Sexiness with a Beauty or Boudoir Session [2023]

Think a beauty or boudoir session is only for the young? Think again.

Boudoir photography is all about being comfortable in your own skin and celebrating your unique beauty. No matter your age, your size, or how many children you've had, you are gorgeous. But as we age, it often becomes harder to feel good about our bodies, especially with the messages blaring at us from television, movies, and magazines that tell us that beauty and youth are everything.

You may think boudoir is only for women in their twenties and thirties, but older women have more experience and know their bodies better. They know what makes them feel sexy, and they deserve to show it.

woman poses for her beauty or boudoir session is how to Recapture Your Sexiness with a Beauty or Boudoir Session

If you're 40+ and considering a boudoir shoot, check out these ways to feel confident and capture images that will help you show off your femininity and sexiness.

Start conservatively.

When many women think of boudoir, they think of lacy lingerie or even naked boudoir, both of which may feel way outside your comfort zone. But boudoir is so much more than lingerie. The outfits you wear are up to you, and it's best to start with something you feel comfortable in. Maybe you're into casual shorts and an over-large T-shirt look, or you want to start with something glamorous, like an evening gown or cocktail dress.

long shot of woman facing the view of the night lights of the buildings

Whatever you choose to wear, it often helps to start with something more conservative and slowly work your way up to lingerie looks. Remember, sexy isn't about bare skin-it's about attitude and confidence.

up shot of a woman for her beauty or boudoir session

Embrace your beauty.

The marks on your body, whether stretch marks, veins, or grey hair, are signs of a life well-lived. But so rarely do we see women over 40 in the media portrayed as vibrant and sensual. You don't have to be young to be beautiful. Your beauty is unique and tells the story of your life's journey. Boudoir photography allows you to fully capture that beauty-a sensuality that is ageless and timeless.

A black and white close-up shot of a woman's bottom lingerie

Trust your photographer.

You've hired a photographer not to make you look beautiful, but to bring your beauty into focus. It is where you and anyone who sees your photos can truly see it. Your beauty or boudoir session photographer knows how to use lighting, posing, wardrobe, makeup, and especially your innate confidence to create gorgeous and sexy boudoir images of you.

woman posing confidently for her boudoir session

Regardless of your age and how you may think you look, you deserve to feel beautiful and sexy. Boudoir photography can be an empowering experience, transforming how you see yourself and helping you to truly love your body.

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