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The Secret to Hiding Problem Areas in a Boudoir Shoot

With boudoir photo shoots, many women feel self-conscious about their problem areas. However, with a little bit of preparation and know-how, you can hide these areas from view and feel more confident in front of the camera. 

Below are some tips and tricks for hiding problem areas in a boudoir shoot.

woman sitting backwards of a chair in lingerie, fishnets, and high heels to hide problem areas in a boudoir shoot

Shoot in Bright, Airy Spaces 

It can be intimidating to do boudoir shoots if you're not confident in your body. But there are plenty of tricks you can use to hide your problem areas and focus on your best features. One of the most important things is to choose the right location.

Shoot in a bright, airy space to distract from any areas you're not comfortable with. Of course, natural light is always best, but if you're shooting indoors, make sure the room is well-lit. 

long shot of woman in red slit dress poses for the camera
long shot of a woman in floral lingerie poses for the camera

Correct Body Parts Placement

You can conceal your problem regions by using your own body parts. For example, cross your arms over your stomach to disguise your tummy in a strategic way. You can conceal that problem region with the right arm or hand placement. Your photographer may have you move your arm forward or back to accentuate other portions of your body to hide that area from the picture.

In addition, you may conceal an area on your waist or side by placing your hands on them to disguise a wrinkle.

side view shot of woman wearing bridal lingerie
backshot of woman wearing bridal lingerie

Using Linens Such as Sheer Curtains or Beddings

If you're worried about problem areas showing up in your boudoir shoot, you can do a few things to help hide them. One way is to use sheer curtains or beddings to diffuse the light and help hide blemishes. Leaning into the sheer drapes, on the other hand, can hide a tummy, or using light to your advantage through the curtains may create a silhouette of your body.

This will form a softer look that can be very flattering. Another option is to use shadows to your advantage. If you position yourself in a way that creates shadows in problem areas, it can help to camouflage them.

woman using linens to cover her Problem Areas in a Boudoir Shoot
woman using linens as a way in hiding Problem Areas in a Boudoir Shoot

Creative Seating

Sitting isn't always an excellent position for you if you have a problem spot on your lower half. Instead, try lying down on your bed with your legs crossed.

Have your photo shot from the top of your head to display your best features while your back is hidden. This position makes your thighs and legs appear smaller.

In addition, standing with your back arched will help elevate your lower back and provide the effect of longer legs.

woman lying on the bed with her legs crossed upwards

Shooting From a Distance

As any boudoir photographer will tell you, one key to a successful boudoir shoot is finding the right angle. And with hiding problem areas, distance can be your best friend. Shooting further away helps create a more flattering angle and makes you look more proportional. It can also help to elongate your body and make problem areas appear smaller. 

Of course, not that you should avoid close-ups altogether. After all, part of the appeal of boudoir photography is the ability to capture intimate details. But if you’re looking to downplay a particular area, shooting from a distance is a good place to start.

long shot of a woman on the shore using a see-through cloth

Focus and Photo Cropping

As any woman knows, there will always be parts of our bodies that we're not 100% happy with. Whether it's a little extra weight around your tummies or cellulite on your thighs, there is always something you'd like to change.

But that doesn't mean you can't still take beautiful, sexy boudoir photos! With a little careful cropping and focus, you can make sure that your problem areas are hidden while your best features are highlighted.

For example, if you're worried about your tummy, have your photographer crop the photo so that it ends just above your waistline. Or, if you're concerned about your thighs, ask them to focus on your upper body or your face while letting your lower body fade into the background.

Remember, boudoir photography is all about celebrating your unique beauty - so don't be afraid to show off your best self!

woman smiling and looking out of the window
woman looking out of the window

Final Words

With these tips, you'll be able to hide any problem areas and look amazing in your boudoir photos! Don't let anything stop you from feeling confident and beautiful. Embrace your body and love yourself - the camera will capture that inner glow, no matter what. Remember that boudoir is all about celebrating your body - no matter what size or shape you are.

 Be confident, be bold, and rock your boudoir shoot!