10 Ways To Get The Best Boudoir Photos [2022]

Every woman wants to feel beautiful, sexy, and stunning. Boudoir photos from a professional boudoir session can give you that feeling, boosting your confidence and letting you feel like a model for a day!

Check out these 10 ways you can plan for the perfect boudoir photos to show off your beautiful self.

Find the right photographer.

More than any other type of photo session, boudoir photos require you to choose a photographer you can trust. If you don't feel comfortable with the person taking your photos, your images will show it. You don't want to look stiff and awkward, so choose a photographer who can help you relax and feel as beautiful as you are.

woman poses and smiles while leaning on a pole for her boudoir photos
close up shot of bridal lingerie and the bride's ring for her boudoir photos

Buy something new.

What better way to feel sexy than to dress up in new lingerie? Check out your favorite boutique for some sexy pieces or even go to Victoria's Secret. With the lower prices, you can pick up more outfits and have more options for your session.

Play some mood music.

Music at your boudoir session will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Take some time to create a playlist of your favorite songs-songs that make you feel strong, sexy, and powerful.

Change your look.

A boudoir session is a great time to try something new-a bold makeup look or a wild hairstyle. There's no one definition of sexy, so feel free to mix things up and embrace your personal beauty.

beautiful woman poses laying down on her stomach and looking at the camera in her maroon lingerie for her boudoir photos

Practice posing.

It may feel ridiculous, but don't be afraid to try out some poses before your shoot. Look through your favorite fashion magazines and try to imitate the models. Try arching your back and leaning forward leaving a little to the imagination.

Check out this Pinterest board with a bunch of boudoir posing ideas!

Embrace the nerves.

It's totally normal and okay to be nervous. Feeling nervous means you're outside of your comfort zone, which is awesome! And don't worry about what the photographer sees when they look at you: their job is to make you look gorgeous. They want to capture the best of you, and that's exactly what they see.

top shot of a woman on all fours on the bed in her black and red lingerie

Don't worry about weight.

You don't have to lose a few pounds to book a boudoir shoot. Come to your session as you are and let the photographer-and your wardrobe-make you look stunning. Your photographer can give you tips on dressing to suit your body type and will pose you in ways that highlight your beauty.

Be open to possibility.

A boudoir session requires you to do things you don't normally do and strike poses you may have never even considered. Trust your photographer's experience and be open to any ideas they have for your session. After all, their job is to make you feel gorgeous.

Drink lots of water and avoid overeating.

If you want to look your best and be comfortable, it's important to stay hydrated and avoid any foods or drinks that could make you bloat. You also don't want to eat a big meal before your boudoir session. If you feel overly full, you won't feel sexy.

Have fun!

Above all, have fun with your boudoir session. Relax and let your photographer help you show off your sexy, stunning self!

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"My boudoir session was a fantastic experience. Ralph thank you so much, you are truly amazing. You have this wonderful ability to relax and make everyone feel at ease from the very beginning. It was so much fun to spend this experience with you.
I cannot say enough good things about Ralph and his team. Everyone on the team, from makeup and hair to his assistant, were just incredible.
I've always wanted to do a photo shoot, but was never really sure on how to get started. I never thought about a boudoir shoot, I am so glad I did. I will and have recommended Ralph to everyone!
I instantly felt comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. Ralph gave amazing direction and the results were beyond what I could have ever imagined. He is there to help each step of the way keeping you updated and providing you with all the information you need before and after your session. I loved reviewing my gallery and building my book with my favorite photos (which was hard, I didn't think I would love them all).
A boudoir shoot sounds scary and intimidating or something that doesn't seem realistic for the average everyday women. However, it is a real confidence booster and it will change the way you see yourself. Working with Ralph you will not be disappointed. I really couldn't be happier and look forward to working with Ralph again in the future!

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